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The London International Development Centre (LIDC) facilitates interdisciplinary research and activities to tackle complex problems in international development and create a network of interdisciplinary researchers.

We bring together academics and students from across the following University of London colleges: SOAS, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Royal Veterinary College, UCL Institute of Education, Birkbeck, Queen Mary University and City, University of London.


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Access to finance plays a significant role in improving household welfare through engagement in production related activities; however, access to finance remains a challenge to smallholder farmers, especially in Sub-Saharan African countries. This study estimates the effect of access to finance on smallholder farmer’s welfare in the Northern Region of Ghana. Using field survey data, we compared the average difference in welfare between farmers with access to finance and non-equivalent control groups. The authors control for selection bias to the net effect of finance on the welfare of smallholder farmers.

The seminar will present the results of a meta-analysis examining the overall impact of women’s empowerment projects evaluated as part of Oxfam GB’s Effectiveness Reviews. It provides an example of how using meta-analysis in the presence of a robust organisational global evaluation framework can enable evidence-based learning, organisational accountability and better programme implementation. Results show a positive and significant impact on the Women’s Empowerment Index and mixed results with its individual indicators. It also found statically significant overall effects where the individual studies were too underpowered to detect impact.

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