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Blog posts - 2013

Finding answers to injecting drug use and HIV risk in Kenya

What does drug use in a Kenyan village, a Rwandan community court and a UK prison have in common? Theoretically, quite a lot.

In our work to identify the reasons why people start injecting drugs in Kenya we are exploring ideas from a range of disciplines and areas of research.

The Photo Competition on the ‘Working Elderly’ in India has now closed.  I

n four weeks it became a people’s research project of nearly 3,000 pictures uploaded and over 34,000 votes that revealed the widespread and diverse nature of older people’s work.

Capacity strengthening: a two-way street

In April as part of a long-established partnership between LIDC and the Southern African Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance (SACIDS) I visited the town of Arusha, Tanzania, to deliver a training session on preparing successful research grant proposals.


National Photo Competition on the ‘Working Elderly’ in India, now a week old, over 900 pictures uploaded and over 8,000 votes, revealing the widespread and diverse nature of older people’s work.

Low carbon development: time to act now

Our climate is rapidly changing around us.

The global carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the atmosphere has recently hit the unprecedented level of 400 parts per million (ppm).

World Radio Day 2013 – new perspectives on radio

World Radio Day is the 13th February, first proclaimed by UNESCO in 2011 to highlight the importance and promote innovation of the medium.

Radio continues to play a unique role in human development communication thanks to its ubiquity, accessibility and low cost.

The world is changing rapidly and humans are at the forefront of this change. Not only are people being affected by global alterations, we are contributing to the transition. 

Some geologists now believe that human activity has irrevocably altered our planet to the extent that we have entered a new geological age – the Anthropocene age.