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Blog posts - 2015

Linguistic minority rights

The 60 indigenous, regional or minority languages that are officially recognized in the European Union are spoken by nearly 50 million people, making them a very demanding issue for both the EU and the affected Member States to handle.

*** The 2016 short course is now open for applications. See http://www.lidc.org.uk/sc-impacteval ***

Last week we held the second edition of the short course on Evaluation for Development Programmes. For five days we hosted twenty-seven people from thirteen different countries on a course on evaluation for development programmes.

The Long Read: Education and Peacebuilding in the Somali Region

Dr Tejendra Pherali reflects on his recent trip to a partner university in Somaliland, the real dangers of researching in areas of conflict, and poignant reminders of how the refugee crisis affects communities.

Beginning from Zero

The earthquake that shook Nepal in April inspired a massive outbreak of support from around the globe, yet six months on, many of the victims are still homeless and “waiting for a miracle.” 

Long-term, holistic work with communities through partnership on an equal platform is an effective way of promoting – and guaranteeing – communities’ nutritional and livelihood security in the long term. 

In theory, volunteer tourism should be beneficial to host communities...

India is destined to be a global superpower. According to the World Bank, India is predicted to grow at a rate of 7.5% in 2017 and surpass the fastest growing economy, China, in the coming two years, while the global economy grows at sub 4 percent.

Until now, the economic boom has failed to reduce malnutrition. 

If they're happy, do we know it?

Well-being for development. A certain level of touchy-feely-ness is almost inevitable around this topic, yet I do think that more research in this area is crucial if we are to work towards the creation more effective policies that respond to real needs of diverse populations. 

Putting the SDGs into perspective

How do you explain to a villager that they should care about the lions that wreak havoc on their livelihoods? That got me thinking about global goals.

‘Refugees welcome’ and beyond

The last week has seen collective mobilisation on a rare scale, urging the UK government to adopt a more humane policy towards refugees. How much this late summer outrage contributes to policy departures or shifts in public consciousness of real significance remains to be seen.