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If developing countries are serious about sparking economic growth, they need to be active in reforming their bureaucracies, promoting policies that allow larger proportions of the unbanked populous into the formal banking sector.

Last year, our eight-week radio project in Somalia gathered nearly 20,000 text messages from over 8400 people. Impressive numbers - but did the data tell us anything interesting or useful? Was the data authentic and of high quality, and were we able to translate it into actionable insights?

Empowering Africa’s future scientific leaders is by no means a small challenge. Across the continent, education rates are improving, but there is still much to do. 

*** The 2016 short course is now open for applications. See http://www.lidc.org.uk/sc-impacteval ***

Last week we held the second edition of the short course on Evaluation for Development Programmes. For five days we hosted twenty-seven people from thirteen different countries on a course on evaluation for development programmes.

Working with NGOs, what’s the point?

LIDC was established as an inter-institutional organisation that supports academic work relating to international development, yet over the past 18 months we have organised a number of events and started various initiatives that have encouraged our members to  connect with counterparts in the NGO sector. 

“Once a Volunteer, Always a Volunteer…”

I think once you start volunteering, it’s something that you can’t imagine not doing. At least, that’s my experience. I first started volunteering with the Klevis Kola Foundation almost a year ago. 

Researchers working for a university or research institute may assume that because their organisation employs professional communications staff, there is no need for them to communicate their research.

However, research communication is far too important to be left to communicators alone.

Capacity strengthening: a two-way street

In April as part of a long-established partnership between LIDC and the Southern African Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance (SACIDS) I visited the town of Arusha, Tanzania, to deliver a training session on preparing successful research grant proposals.