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Blog posts in the category - Humanitarian Crises

Restrictions on the movement of refugees has meant that thousands of people are stuck in countries of transit; and host countries are struggling to meet the needs of the refugees. As a result of this, refugees are living in dire conditions, significantly impacting their psychological and general health, including oral health. 

The minority Hazara community of Pakistan has been in the grip of sectarian violence for decades. Amidst the conflict, most Hazaras have fled the country while others await their predetermined fate. In this time of hopelessness and chaos, Pakistan's national education system, which is laden with bias and propaganda, plays a crucial role in fuelling tension between communities. It is high time the government introduces educational policy reform as a step toward conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

The example of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines is an interesting case to start unravelling the link between migration, trafficking and natural disasters. The country is one of the most disaster-prone in the world, experiencing an average of 20 typhoons a year – most recently, Typhoon Nock-Ten (local name Nina) which hit the country on Christmas Day 2016.

The proportion of sex workers in Italy that are migrants is growing and estimates suggest they make up to 90% of the sex worker population in Italy. Most are female and the majority come from Nigeria, where the women trafficked are getting younger and younger.

In recent cases like the refugee crisis, it is not difficult to see a regional conflict and a critical situation generating unexpected results across regions. Since conflicts and crises influence international society beyond borders, media have started paying more attention to the issues and reporting them more frequently than before. News reports about conflicts often cause controversies invoking emotions which seem disruptive for thorough understanding, but being emotive can be an effective means to attract attention.

The Long Read: Education and Peacebuilding in the Somali Region

Dr Tejendra Pherali reflects on his recent trip to a partner university in Somaliland, the real dangers of researching in areas of conflict, and poignant reminders of how the refugee crisis affects communities.

Beginning from Zero

The earthquake that shook Nepal in April inspired a massive outbreak of support from around the globe, yet six months on, many of the victims are still homeless and “waiting for a miracle.” 

Nepal earthquake and humanitarian response

The earthquake in Nepal was not the question of ‘if’, rather it was the question of ‘when’. Unpredictability and the lack of adequate preparedness for this disaster has now wrecked this beautiful Himalayan country.