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Focus on relationship between sustainable development goals

Looking at the relationships and interactions between goals and their governance structures is key to their success, says LIDC director Jeff Waage

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Agriculture and nutrition: you are what you sow

The world today faces a complex challenge – improving nutrition for all. Contrary to how malnutrition is often portrayed in western media, it is not a separate problem for the poor (undernutrition) and for the rich (overnutrition).

Around the world, this double burden of food-related illness is very much a challenge for the poor, simply because nutritious foods tend to be more difficult obtain or more expensive.

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The challenge of tackling malnutrition – making agriculture work for health

For many years it has been understood that three different factors contribute to malnutrition in poor populations – a lack of nutritious foods, diseases, such as diarrhoeal disease in infants, and a lack of care.  

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E. Coli outbreak: How health and agriculture sectors have failed us

The recent emergence of a new and virulent strain of food-borne pathogen, E. coli 104, and its impact across Europe, reflects a longstanding failure to integrate health and agricultural policy.

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