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International Day of Peace: The role of teachers in peacebuilding in post-conflict societies

Teachers have the potential to assist peacebuilding in post-conflict societies. This is particularly relevant where structural inequalities persist and teachers, schools and students have been an integral part of violent conflict both as victims and perpetrator of violence. 

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In the Clutches of a Long-Standing Genocide: Pakistan's Hazara Community

The minority Hazara community of Pakistan has been in the grip of sectarian violence for decades. Amidst the conflict, most Hazaras have fled the country while others await their predetermined fate. In this time of hopelessness and chaos, Pakistan's national education system, which is laden with bias and propaganda, plays a crucial role in fuelling tension between communities. It is high time the government introduces educational policy reform as a step toward conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

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The Yellow Movement: Challenging Gender Inequality

Gender based violence is affecting female students at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia. The Yellow Movement has formed to fight this violence. Find the movement on Facebook!

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How Can we Bring Important Global Issues Into the Classroom?

Why Comics? resources have a powerful impact, because they’re real stories. No matter your ethnicity, age, gender or literary levels, people can understand and empathise with the human stories.

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Vicious Circle of Poverty: The Untouched $3 Trillion Worth of Minerals in the Afghan Soil

Afghanistan could get out of the vicious circle of poverty by developing the mining industry, but there are many obstacles the country cannot overcome.

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What were the outcomes of this year's #ScienceAfrica UnConference?

During the day, Mauritius’ President Ameenah Gurib-Fakim and other figures at the heart of Africa’s development agenda, argued for greater efforts to equip young Africans with high-level scientific and technical skills needed to address development challenges. 

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#GenerationScience: How Africa is empowering its future scientific leaders

Empowering Africa’s future scientific leaders is by no means a small challenge. Across the continent, education rates are improving, but there is still much to do. 

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Does Education lead to Economic Growth?

I'm going to discuss the idea that education leads automatically to economic growth or at the very least it ensures economic growth by itself. I'd like to suggest that in order for education to have the positive effects that are intuitively prescribed to it, we must change the way we discuss education and we must adopt an approach that is sufficiently complex. 

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The Long Read: Education and Peacebuilding in the Somali Region

Dr Tejendra Pherali reflects on his recent trip to a partner university in Somaliland, the real dangers of researching in areas of conflict, and poignant reminders of how the refugee crisis affects communities.

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Volunteer tourism in Palampur, India: pariah or panacea? A community capital perspective

In theory, volunteer tourism should be beneficial to host communities...

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