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Tackling Global Inequality: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

At the LIDC Biennial Conference on 'Interdisciplinary Approaches to Inequality' in April we had an afternoon of parallel sessions on a range of issues including health and nutrition, education, corruption, linguistics and economics and infrastructure. Here is a sum up of the key points of each session and the issues and solutions discussed.

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What can the tech world do to help solve the world’s global development problems?

The Stockholm Tech Fest Solutions Summit seemed to be a well overdue initiative – by bringing the insight of NGOs and policy makers into contact with the creativity and know-how of tech entrepreneurs

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‘Refugees welcome’ and beyond

The last week has seen collective mobilisation on a rare scale, urging the UK government to adopt a more humane policy towards refugees. How much this late summer outrage contributes to policy departures or shifts in public consciousness of real significance remains to be seen.

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Roll up roll up: the European Development Days 2015

Last week the global development circus descended on a neo-gothic warehouse in Brussels. The event is connected to the wider European Year for Development.

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How it went down. Storify of LIDC Biennial Conference 2015

The sequence of #LIDCconf tweets from the day

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Bloomsbury Humanitarian Debate: Do we have to choose between saving lives today and saving lives tomorrow?

Inter-collegiate, interdisciplinary events are always a pleasure to go to, and not only because of LIDC’s focus on interdisciplinary research in international development working with five Bloomsbury Colleges.

That particular approach often unearths issues that would not have been unearthed otherwise, and bringing together academics with the NGO community and policy-makers makes such events even more stimulating.

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Should I bother paying more for a packet of Fairtrade coffee?

Every month LIDC and our partners 3ie (International Initiative for Impact Evaluation) organise a seminar under the theme of ‘What works in international development’.

The seminar series focuses on methods in impact evaluation and doesn’t always stir controversy, but one evening in January the seminar resulted in a very heated discussion.

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