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Terminology and the challenges of categorisation: The Emerging Economies

The literature on Economics and International Relations displays a heavy use of the term ‘Emerging Economies’, which is often associated with both developed and developing countries. Yet it has not been entirely accepted neither as an economic notion nor as a political one, mostly because the complexity in the dissimilar markets that integrate the emerging set  has cast doubt on the appropriateness of the term to encompass so much diversity.

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Where the Truth Lies: Teachers and the Media in Mexico

A free press is crucial in society to hold authority to account. Investigative journalists are the public’s greatest ally, and often put themselves in the line of fire to expose the truth. Few places are more dangerous for digging under the skin of power than Mexico. We need to recognise that the media is not just in the business of reflecting public opinion, but also of creating it.  

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Recent Graduate: My Experience of Working Against Human Trafficking in India

In this new blog post series, we will be hearing from recent graduates about their experiences in entry-level development roles. In this first post, recent SOAS graduate Pankhuri Agarwal writes about her experience of working in India against human trafficking.

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‘Women’ and Water Inequality: Why We Need to Look Deeper into ‘Gender’ to Overcome Water Poverty

The global water crisis is happening right now. WaterAid states that “a lack of safe water, proper toilets and good hygiene affects women and girls most” making water poverty undoubtedly a gender issue. However, if we are going to properly understand and account for all experiences of water poverty, we need to change the way we think about gender, women, and water.

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How Can I Get My First Job in International Development?

In January LIDC held a peer-to-peer careers networking event. Here are they key tips that our development professionals shared on how to get a job in international development!

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Digital Transparency: Who can I trust in an age of digital fundraising?

Digital transparency involves communicating a clear mission and being open about how money is spent. Charities must be transparent in their digital fundraising if they want to encourage donor confidence. But how do you find out what actually happens to the money?

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How are Syrian Refugee Women Using Theatre to Bring About Social and Cultural Change?

Theatre and art performances are used as a channel for people in different settings, like war, post war and AIDS-epidemic countries, to express their sufferings or for educational reasons to bring about social and cultural changes that impact the efficacy of development efforts in these settings.

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The Trafficking of Stateless Rohingya: A problem of organised crime or state crime?

In 2013 Natalie Birnham met and interviewed a Rohingya survivor, named Jamal, in an above-shop office of a local CBO in Kuala Lumpur. He recounted his journey fleeing from Western Myanmar/Burma to Malaysia. 

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Working in development: what you really need to know

Let’s take a hypothetical development student. Mary is about to graduate with a first or upper second degree from a leading university. She is bright, ambitious and her dream is to work in international development.

She knows it’s tough to get in and she’s determined to do everything it takes to get that first job and then progress. If you are reading this, chances are that you are quite similar to Mary.

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Sustainable Development Goals under the spotlight; Familiar limits, new opportunities

The post-2015 agenda is coming into the spotlight.

The proliferation of interest in the agenda-setting process and the sustainable development goals (SDGs) follows the recent meetings of the United Nations Open Working Group at which, for the first time, a draft of the next set of global development goals was available for scrutiny.

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