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Who Does the Research on Aid Effectiveness? It Matters.

The call to rethink development aid as a catalyst of development efforts, and not as development’s main mover, is now part of mainstream development discourse, including institutions like the World Bank. The next, inevitable, step will be to understand under which conditions aid can play the role of a catalyst. Two policy dialogues organised last year by the Global Development Network and partners, concluded that if we want to answer the question of effectiveness of aid, both government and researchers of aid receiving countries need to take a lead in setting the aid effectiveness research agenda.

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Can Tanzania Reverse the Curse?

Many resource rich countries fall victim to the natural resource curse. Tanzania has recently discovered vast reserves of natural gas, and has passed policies over effective management of these reserves. It is leaving many people asking if this new legislation is enough for Tanzania to reverse the curse.

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If they're happy, do we know it?

Well-being for development. A certain level of touchy-feely-ness is almost inevitable around this topic, yet I do think that more research in this area is crucial if we are to work towards the creation more effective policies that respond to real needs of diverse populations. 

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Putting the SDGs into perspective

How do you explain to a villager that they should care about the lions that wreak havoc on their livelihoods? That got me thinking about global goals.

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‘Refugees welcome’ and beyond

The last week has seen collective mobilisation on a rare scale, urging the UK government to adopt a more humane policy towards refugees. How much this late summer outrage contributes to policy departures or shifts in public consciousness of real significance remains to be seen.

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Power to the people? How decentralisation doesn’t always live up to its promises

The reality of decentralisation polices in Ghana doesn't always live up to expectations

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Corruption and (under)development

Corruption affects millions of people, and is deeply linked to inequality and underdevelopment around the world, writes Jameela Raymond of Transparency International UK.

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VIDEO: Sustainable Development Goals - explained in 4 mins

This is my very short explanation of the Sustainable Development Goals, how they are formed and what the key dates are for in immediate future.

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Roll up roll up: the European Development Days 2015

Last week the global development circus descended on a neo-gothic warehouse in Brussels. The event is connected to the wider European Year for Development.

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Monitoring and evaluation: an insider’s guide to the skills you’ll need

In international development, everyone knows that good intentions are simply not enough.

It is critical to agree on appropriate aims and then make sure that these can be achieved efficiently.

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