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Combating Terrorism: Lessons from Iraq

Monday, January 8, 2018 - 18:00 to 19:30

Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre
Dr. J. Simon Rofe


Iraq has cleared ISIS from its territory, but many terrorist fighters have returned to their countries including about 400 to the UK.  The organisation also has sleeper cells in more than 50 countries in the world. Military defeat by itself is not enough to eliminate the danger these terrorists pose to humanity at large.

The speaker will discuss the roots and causes that give rise to radicalism, violence and terrorism including political, economic and social grievances and teaching extremism in the name of religion.

About the speaker:

H.E. Dr. Al­-Shahristani has served previously in several posts, including as Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, Minister for Higher Education, Minister of Oil, member of the Iraqi Parliament, and as First Deputy Chairman of the Iraqi National Assembly. He has been a Professor at Baghdad University and a Visiting Professor at Surrey University in the UK, and is former Head of the Iraqi National Academy of Sciences. H.E. Dr. Al­-Shahristani spent more than a decade (1979­-1991) as a political prisoner in Abu Ghraib prison under the regime of Saddam Hussein. First arrested for his opposition to the government’s persecution of political opponents and kept captive after his refusal to help the regime build an atomic weapon, he escaped during a bombing raid on Baghdad during the First Gulf War. He is the 2012 Laureate of the Franklin Roosevelt Freedom from Fear Award.


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