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Delivery of health services for humans, livestock and wild animals in the Southern Africa region: policies, practices and promise of One health approaches

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 - 12:00 to 13:00

12 - 1 pm, LIDC, 36 Gordon Square, London



Dr. Kim A. Kayunze
Senior Lecturer in Rural Development and Postdoctoral Research Fellow in One Health Policy with SACIDS
Development Studies Institute
Sokoine University of Agriculture
Although policies for human health and animal health are in place in the Southern African Region to ensure that infectious diseases do not constrain socio-economic well-being, among other adverse effects, such effects are common. Therefore, as part of efforts to stem the diseases in the region, One Health approaches are being applied to health systems. However, one wonders whether the problem of the burden of disease is more affected by low application of One Health approaches, health policies, or other factors. In order to obtain empirical answers to this question, this research is aimed at determining the extents to which One Health approaches, health policies, health seeking behaviour, and other factors explain burden of disease in humans, livestock, and wild animals, and how the burden subsequently impacts on households’ poverty.