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Global Trade and Health

Monday, December 11, 2017 - 17:15 to 18:15

Keppel Street
Global Health Lecture Series
Professor Richard Smith


The world is getting smaller. Advances in travel and telecommunications especially has facilitated greater cross-border flows of goods and services, people and capital, and ideas and information.  For some this heralds increasing standards of living – including health.  For others it brings greater exploitation of the poor and adverse impacts on health.  But why should this concern those working in public health? Because it provides both challenges and opportunities for modern public health provision, health promotion activities, and public health protection.  This lecture will explore these challenges and opportunities.

The lecture will: (i) define and describe the process of trade, including the important actors, institutions and structures; (ii) explain the links and evidence concerning trade in health-related goods, services, people (patients and professionals), capital and ideas (intellectual capital); and (iii) explore how trade impacts upon the risk factors for communicable and non-communicable disease.

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