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LIDC Biennial Conference: Interdisciplinary Research for Development

Monday, May 11, 2015 (All day)
SOAS Brunei Gallery
Keynote: Prof. Sir Andy Haines

The second LIDC biennial conference took place on the 11 May 2015

London International Development Centre (LIDC) was created in 2008 to facilitate innovative research in international development across the University of London Bloomsbury Colleges, cutting across sectoral, disciplinary and institutional barriers. The first conference was held in 2013. Now, two years later, LIDC is looking back at what it has accomplished, and forwards to its future work.
We have facilitated projects to the value of over £11 million and have held many workshops and hundreds of public events. Our membership network is at least 3,000-strong, with over 600 staff and 1,000 students. 
The LIDC Conference, held every two years, offers its members a platform to discuss best practice in interdisciplinary research projects in international development, engage with one another, and develop new project and training ideas.
The conference coincided with the Award Ceremony of our new LIDC Interdisciplinary Seed Fund that offers small grants to support new interdisciplinary projects in international development at Bloomsbury Colleges.

The programme and multimedia content

Introduction and welcome: Prof. Jeff Waage, Director, LIDC and Dr, Nigel Poole on behalf of Prof. Paul Webley, Director, SOAS. 


Keynote address: an interdisciplinary perspective on global health and the SDGs

With Prof. Sir Andy Haines - Professor of Public Health and Primary Care, LSHTM with a joint appointment in the Dept of Social and Environmental Health Research and in the Dept of Population Health.

More info and slides here

Session 1: Interdisciplinary successes from last 2 years at LIDC

This session offered an overview of interdisciplinary work across Bloomsbury Colleges using examples of projects supported by LIDC in the last two years. 

Chair: Prof. Elaine Unterhalter, UCL-IoE

Inter-sector linkage and the challenges of governance: A case study of Sexual & Reproductive Health and Education 
Dr Susannah Mayhew, LSHTM, Prof. Elaine Unterhalter UCL-IoE.  Slides and audio


Agriculture and Health, focussing on ‘Women’s Time’
Dr Suneetha Kadiyala, LSHTM/LCIRAH & Dr Deborah Johnston, SOAS/LCIRAH. Slides and audio


Emerging Zoonotic Diseases:
- Anti-Microbial Resistance  
Dr Stephen Mshana, Catholic University for Health and Allied Sciences, Bugando, Mwanza, Tanzania & Prof. Brendan Wren, LSHTM & Prof. Bendan Wren LSHTM. Slides and audio

- A food systems approach to investigate disease emergence
Dr Barbara Haesler, RVC/LCIRAH; Dr Paula Dominguez-Salas, RVC/LCIRAH

Session 2: Presentation from LIDC Interdisciplinary Seed Fund 2013-4 (formerly LIDC fellowship) awardees

In this session, former LIDC Interdisciplinary Seed Fund awardees presented their pilot studies funded by LIDC Seed Fund in 2013-14, including the outputs and outcomes of the collaboration

The Scheme, launched in 2013, aims to support new collaborative research projects in international development between academics from at least two different Bloomsbury Colleges – LIDC members
Three Grants of up to £6,000 each, per year, are awarded to support innovative ideas for international development research that are inter-sectoral and/ or interdisciplinary.

Chair: Prof. Jonathan Elliott, Vice-Principal (Research & Innovation), RVC; Chair, Bloomsbury Research Committee

Award made in 2013 Development of assessment tools for impact evaluation of malaria control on early cognitive development and educational outcomes for children in Mali and Senegal, Sub-Saharan Africa
Dr Sian Clarke, LSHTM, Yvonne Griffiths, UCL-IOE. Slides & audio


Award made in 2013 Does land use change influence macaque behaviour and interactions with humans? Implications for infectious disease transmission
Dr Martha Betson, RVC, Dr Kimberly Fornace, LSHTM & Dr Julian Drewe, RVC. Slides & audio


Award made in 2014 Pit Latrines and Urban Metabolism
Dr Kirsten Zeller, SOAS; Prof. Peter Molinga, SOAS & Dr Jeroen Ensink, LSHTM. Slides & audio


Award made in 2014 A review of the impact of agricultural input subsidies on food and nutrition security
Dr Deborah Johnston, SOAS & Dr Helen Walls, LSHTM. Slides and audio


Award Ceremony for the LIDC Interdisciplinary Seed Fund 2015

The awardees of the 2015 edition of the Seed Fund received their awards.

Development of a research proposal on zoonotic transmission of antimicrobial resistant bacteria- Mishal Khan (LSHTM) & Ana Mateus (RVC)

Towards the development of an interdisciplinary research programme investigating the impacts of changing food systems on nutrition and health outcomes- Barbara Haesler (RVC), Rosemary Green (LSHTM), Suneetha Kadiyala (LSHTM), Bhavani Shankar(SOAS) & Karen Lock (LSHTM)

Livestock production and zoonotic risk: Estimating the prevalence of porcine cysticercosis among swine in Cambodia - Ana Mateus (RVC) & James Rudge (LSHTM)

Session 3: New horizons: work in 2015 and beyond

In this session, we showcased some of the new interdisciplinary activities we have established in 2015 and discuss the plan for future interdisciplinary work.

Child development - Novel application of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) to assess infant development in rural Africa
Dr Sarah Lloyd-Fox, Birkbeck; Dr Sophie Moore & Dr Andrew Prentice, LSHTM


Humanitarian crises
1 An exploration of educational and health response to the Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan and Turkey

Dr Tejendra Pherali, UCL-IOE , Dr. Karl Blanchet, LSHTM


2 Humanitarian debate series
Dr Alex Colas Birkbeck & Dr. Karl Blanchet, LSHTM


NGOs & Academics 
Sarah Mistry, Director of Effectiveness and Learning BOND 
Dr Ariane De Lannoy, University of Cape Town

Gender violence symposium, health and education on violence in schools issues
Dr Jenny Parkes, UCL-IOE & Dr Karen Devries, LSHTM

Session 4: Discussion Panel – Interdisciplinarity, Development and the Research Excellence Framework (REF)

Introduction: Using the REF 2014 to explore the impact of UK international development research, Alex Gwyther, UKCDS


Prof. Jonathan Elliott, Vice-Principal (Research & Innovation), RVC

Prof. Alison Fuller, Pro-Director (Research and Development) UCL-IoE

Prof. Dame Anne Mills, Deputy Director & Provost LSHTM

Prof. Richard Black, Pro-Director (Research & Enterprise), SOAS

Drinks and networkin

(download the programme below)

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