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Meet Our Interns

David Thomson (March 2017) 

David is a recent Master’s Graduate in the Anthropology of Food [SOAS] with a keen interest in global food, nutrition and health policy: “I strongly recommend this internship as a way into the fascinating field of research communications, and as a means to develop invaluable project management skills. These skills are vital for anybody looking for a career in the field of International Development. I believe the interdisciplinary methods championed at the LIDC are setting the agenda for the next 50 years of global food policy research and the internship has provided me with a solid stepping out of university towards the world of professional work.” See David's Linkedin here.

Claire Elverum (February 2017)

Claire is a Masters student of Development Studies at SOAS: "I have absolutely loved the communications internship at LIDC! Everything about it has been so enjoyable, and I don't want this month to end. It is the perfect internship to do alongside graduate studies because it is made for students. My favourite part about the internship was learning about other areas of development that I was less familiar with. This internship also allowed me to explore my specific area of interest in development with the blog post. Definitely my best month here in London by far!" See Claire's LinkedIn here.

Lynsey Robinson (January 2017)

Lynsey is currently finishing her Masters in Education, Gender and International Development at UCL's Institute of Education: “The internship at LIDC has been great, and the team are really warm and welcoming. I got some great insight into the work of LIDC and the importance of interdisciplinary research. I was able to do some of my own research for an event on Public Private Partnerships, an area of research that I am interested in. It was also great to help with the comms and let people know about the great events organised by LIDC. My month went by so quickly, and I’d definitely do it again!” See here Linkedin here.

Leah Kenny (December 2016)

Leah is a recent graduate of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine where she studied an MSc in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research. “My experience as a communications intern at the LIDC has been an extremely positive one. The team is small and friendly and I have received a lot of support from staff in terms of the work I carried out at the centre and my job hunting. I was keen to do the internship because I am passionate about international development, and I am hoping to go into research in global health issues to do with maternal and sexual health. The internship has provided me with an important insight into the world of development and these communication skills will be invaluable to my future career. I have been able to focus on issues that I feel passionate about and I have met some great people. I feel fortunate to have had this experience and I would recommend this internship to anyone looking to go into international development.” See her Linkedin here.

Sharon Farley (November 2016)

Sharon is a recent MA graduate of UCL's Institute of Education where she studied Education and International Development.

Anais Wardak (October 2016)

Anais is an MSc student of Violence, Conflict and Development at SOAS. She has experience working in several countries and a particular interest in development studies in Afghanistan. She is also greatly interested in journalism and documentary- making in developing countries. Anais was keen to do an internship with LIDC because she wanted to learn about the development field more in depth and acquire valuable skills for her future career. “My internship was very stimulating and the environment I was in at LIDC and the staff were very supportive of my career goals. I was able to work on a broad range of projects and cross-sector development research, which I truly enjoyed.” See her LinkedIn here.

Heba Amer (September 2016)

Heba is a Masters student of Development Studies at SOAS. "Doing an internship at LIDC gave me exposure to the vast field of activities in international development. Interns are encouraged and provided with opportunities to pursue and engage in activities that reflect their interest, in my case, it was migration and refugees. The work environment at LIDC is pleasant and the team are supportive, engaging and friendly, making the internship experience all the more enjoyable and beneficial." See Heba's LinkedIn here.

Kshiti Gala (August 2016)

Kshiti is an MSc Development Economics student at SOAS. “Doing an internship at LIDC has been an enriching experience. I was exposed to LIDC’s work and I learnt about various initiatives that LIDC undertakes in the vast field of international development. During my internship, I was encouraged to take the initiative and pursue my interests in issues related to agriculture, food and nutrition in developing countries. I enjoyed the work culture and found my colleagues to be very helpful, motivating, supportive amd open to new ideas; making the internship a meaningful learning experience.” See Kshiti’s LinkedIn here.

Johannes Makar (July 2016)

Johannes is a Master’s student of Middle East politics at SOAS. "The internship at LIDC offered me an excellent chance to further my understanding of international development. Interns are actively encouraged to think beyond labels and get involved in diverse projects and activities. Besides producing media briefings and helping organise social activities, I was encouraged to pursue my interests in research and conducted a small study for my blog post. Drawing scholars from the different Bloomsbury Colleges, LIDC is a hub of knowledge and critical research. Doing an internship at the Centre will certainly inspire.” See Johannes' LinkedIn here.

Sechi Kailasa (June 2016)

"The main reason that I wanted to do the LIDC internship was to gain an insight into the field of international development and issues that are fundamental for development. My undergraduate degree was in Philosophy and Economics at the LSE after which I completed the Teach First leadership development program, currently I'm undertaking my postgraduate studies in Economics at SOAS, I hope that the internship alongside my previous experience will provide a strong foundation for a career in international development!"

Rooham Jamali (May 2016)

Rooham did a placement at LIDC in May 2016 whilst completing her MA in Critical Media & Cultural Studies at SOAS. She previously did her BA in Design from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture where she majored in textile design. She has experience of working in the textile and fashion industry in Pakistan where she worked as a designer and social media manager. Rooham worked at LIDC as the media and communication intern and will now be working at the Centre for Analysis of Social Media (CASM) at Demos. Her interest lies in social media and digital marketing and she plans on pursuing a career related to that while she continues working on freelance design projects. See her LinkedIn here.

Laure Joanny (April 2016)

Laure interned at LIDC while completing her Msc at SOAS, reading development studies and political ecology. She has a particular interest in the interaction of development policies and biodiversity conservation and is curious about the use of digital technologies in both fields. During her internship she wrote a blog piece on the portrayal of women on social media by development organisations. See her LinkedIn here.

Dohyeon Kim (March 2016)

"I did my internship at LIDC in March 2016 whilst I was studying a postgraduate course in Media in Development at SOAS. Interning at LIDC seemed, and was, a relevant and helpful experience both academically and professionally. I did my undergraduate course at Seoul Women's University where I double majored in Journalism & Public Relations and Business Administration. I started studying at SOAS after doing some work experience at the 2014 Asian Games Organising Committee, Food for the Hungry International, and as an intern reporter in Seoul." See Dohyeon's LinkedIn here.

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