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Africa Gathering Conference Highlighted on The Guardian's Website

The inspiring ideas shared at Africa Gathering – an LIDC-sponsored conference about technological innovation on the continent – are being featured on The Guardian’s website. The articles highlight some of the most exciting concepts discussed at the event in London last month. They refer to a plan to persuade Coca-Cola to use its extensive distribution system to deliver medicines for children in Africa, and how to extend mobile phone services to one billion people earning less than $2 a day.  The entries appear on the Katine Chronicles Blog – part of The Guardian’s Ugandan development project in the sub-county of Katine.
Click on the links below to view the articles on The Guardian's website:
Talking About A Revolution
Guy Collender, Communcations Officer at LIDC, looks at how mobile technology is benefiting some of the world's poorest, including people unable to afford a handset and earning less than $2 a day.
Can Big Business Help Solve Africa's Drug Distribution Problems?
Simon Berry, founder of the voluntary movement ColaLife, has persuaded Coca-Cola to trial the innovative idea of supplying medicine and health messages to vulnerable communities via the company's own distribution network. But will it work?
Click on the link below for more Africa Gathering resources (a report, audio recordings, PowerPoint slides and presentation abstracts):