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Bloomsbury Colleges and UCL convene workshop on post-2015 targets

On 26 and 27 March, LIDC brought together 25 academics from Bloomsbury Colleges and University College London (UCL)  for an interdisciplinary workshop exploring the interactions between post-2015 development target-setting areas, as part of the ongoing LIDC-UCL project 'Thinking Beyond Sectors for Sustainable Development'. The workshop was attended by social and political scientists, natural scientists, geographers, urban planners, agronomists, human and animal health experts, and natural resource experts with a shared interest in the post-2015, sustainable development goal-setting agenda.


Participants discussed  the nature of interactions between development target areas, such as the relationship between ‘health’ and ‘education’ in the context of population growth, climate change and loss of biodiversity. The issue of ‘governance’ became increasingly central to discussions throughout the workshop and the next stages of the project will consider how interactions between sectors can be governed and managed, exploring the opportunities for interventions and policies that recognise the interactions between, and complexity of, real-world processes.


'Thinking Beyond Sectors for Sustainable Development' involves almost forty academics from UCL, SOAS, Institute of Education, Birkbeck, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Royal Veterinary College. The research, to be carried out in small interdisciplinary teams, will focus on some of the key interactions identified in the workshop. The final project outputs will feed into both academic and policy debates, addressing both the immediate post-2015 development target setting process and making visible the longer term, complex interactions between sectors and processes.

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