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LIDC blog launches today

The LIDC blog launches today, with a very timely post by LIDC’s Director Jeff Waage, E. Coli outbreak: How health and agriculture sectors have failed us. In this post, Jeff argues that the recent E. coli outreak is due to a failure to integrate agriculture and health.
LIDC’s work is about bringing people together to exchange ideas and solve development problems working across disciplines and across institutions, so a multi-contributor blog seemed like an obvious choice.
We would like the LIDC blog to be a platform for innovative and inspiring dialogue on development, cutting across disciplines and bringing together academics, policy-makers and development practitioners.
This blog is also an invitation: we invite LIDC members (staff, students, alumni) from Bloomsbury Colleges to become LIDC bloggers, and we invite our readers from across the development community in London and beyond to join the conversation.
We hope that you join us!
LIDC blog: www.lidcblog.wordpress.com