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LIDC Director joins UCL panel ‘What next for the Millennium Development Goals: how to make the planet sustainable by 2050’

LIDC Director Prof. Jeff Waage joined a high-level panel ‘What next for the Millennium Development Goals: how to make the planet sustainable by 2050’ at a Grand Symposium organised by the UCL Institute for Global Health on 3 October 2012.

The panel included experts on the subject from a variety of sectors, including Prof. Georgina Mace, Imperial College London; Prof. Chris Witty, Director, Research & Evidence and Chief Scientific Adviser, DFID; Prof. Chris Rapley, UCL; and Dr. Richard Horton, The Lancet.

Referring to LIDC’s work on the MDGs (in particular the LIDC-Lancet Commission report), Jeff Waage said that the MDGs were saet in isolation and increased inequality because of the way they were approached. There was also a governance problem, as countries did not have ownership of the goals. The principles for future goal-setting ought to be focused on increasing equity, making the goals bottom-up and owned by the countries implementing them. We also need to look at the complex interactions between individual goals, making sure they are interconnected.

The day concluded with the launch of The Global Doctor, a new guide for teaching global health to medical students produced with the Institute of Education and funded by DFID. The publication is an outcome of the two-year project Students as Global Citizens in which LIDC was a partner. The project aims to raise awareness of global issues among medical, veterinary and pharmacy students.

Watch a video of the MDG panel

More about LIDC’s work on the MDGs

Lancet-LIDC Commission ‘The Millennium Development Goals: a cross-sectoral analysis and principles for goal setting after 2015’

In 2010 LIDC and The Lancet produced a new blueprint for international development to coincide with the UN summit on the MDGs. The resulting report evaluates the MDGs and proposes future directions for development goal setting, with a focus on health. The report was coordinated by LIDC with a unique team of MDG sector specialists from LSTHM, SOAS and IoE. Read the report

Stunting as a future development indicator
In the summer of 2012 LIDC coordinated a team to produce a study addressing a DFID request about stunting as a future development target/indicator. Read the report


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