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LIDC to host international conference on impact of higher education this spring - registration now open

LIDC is pleased to announce its upcoming conference 'Measuring impact of higher education for development', to be held in on 19-20 March 2012 at Birkbeck College, London.

Higher education for international development has been, in recent years, a neglected area relative to other educational interventions. Yet higher education (HE) is necessary for the attainment of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and for economic development in low and middle income countries. 

There is a long history of development assistance interventions in HE to support development goals, directed at strengthening individual, organisational and institutional capacity. These have included scholarship programmes as well as support to specific universities and university networks in low and middle income countries, and support to academic research and training partnerships.

However, there has been little comparison of these different interventions in terms of their international development impact. This limits our understanding of “what works” in HE interventions for development, and our ability to invest effectively in future.

The aim of this two-day international conference organised in partnership with the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), is to examine the current status of impact evaluation for HE interventions and to identify research gaps and needs for the future.

The conference will focus on three issues:

  • What has been, and should be, the development intention of HE interventions?
  • How should development impacts be measured?
  • What is our experience with measurement methods and tools to date, where are the gaps and what research priorities emerge?

The event will bring together experts from three research sectors: higher education, international development and impact evaluation. It will be run as a highly interactive mixture of expert presentations, panel discussions and breakout sessions.

More information and registration