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Opportunity to attend RCUK Global Challenges Research Fund Town Meetings

The UK Research Councils (RCUK) will deliver through the GCRF £1.5b in research grants for international development research over the next five years. This funding is new and additional to existing sources of research support like DFID, the Newton Fund, etc., which will continue. The GCRF represents the largest single boost to research council funding in their history and will create an entirely new stream of international development research funding across arts, humanities, social and natural sciences, with particular opportunities for interdisciplinary research.

RCUK has organised a series of Town Meetings designed to gather input from the relevant stakeholder communities on strategy and delivery of the Global Challenges Research Fund. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in high-level discussions around the initial RCUK GCRF challenge areas, as well as practicalities around delivery of the fund, in particular building capability overseas, enabling interdisciplinarity, ensuring impact in developing countries, and ensuring ODA compliance.

LIDC has been asked to share information about these meeting with our academic members as part of RCUK's targeted invitation process. Registration is now open to individuals from any academic discipline or professional area (e.g. civil society organisations or NGOs) with a vested interest in international development and global challenges*. The draft programme is linked below, and the London meeting is scheduled to take place on Monday 4th July in the Amba Hotel, Charing Cross (https://goo.gl/maps/4WFiT6UmApM2). Other meetings will be held in Coventry, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

To register, send a brief justification explaining your current position, and your interest in, and experience of, international development and tackling global challenges to communications@rcuk.ac.uk. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis at the discretion of RCUK.

RCUK GCRF Town Meetings – draft programme

* Please note that while this is now an open registration process, individuals should be able to represent a breadth of discipline areas and approaches, and will be required to contribute to strategic discussions that may be outside of their usual academic or professional area(s) of expertise. These events are not open to research managers, administrators, or those occupying similar positions within universities.