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'Our Planet, Our Health' funds LSHTM-led Programmes

The Wellcome Trust has announced a new international initiative to help foster understanding about the links between the health of the human species and the environment. Their £75 million initiative will be dedicated to worldwide research programmes over the next 5 years, tackling a number of the challenges facing the world. Wellcome has already pledged £5 million to fund pilot projects that align with the mission of Our Planet, Our Health.

Two of the fifteen funded pilot research programmes will be led by Alan Dangour and Paul Wilkinson of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Alan Dangour will be leading, Future diets and health: how will environmental changes affect food availability, food consumption and health? This project will focus on the impact that environmental changes will have on agricultural yields, food security, health, and nutrition over the next 20-30 years. Paul Wilkinson will be leading, Healthy and sustainable low-income housing in partnership UCL professor Michael Davies.  The project will focus on low income housing and how it can be improved to accomplish low environmental impact and improve quality of life.

The Wellcome Trust continues to seek more transdisciplinary and innovative research projects to fund. Read more on ‘Our Planet, Our Health’ and the Wellcome Trust.