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Recording of the LIDC and The Guardian debate 'are slum free cities achievable?' now available online

On Tuesday 31st January 2017 the second debate of the LIDC & The Guardian new Development Debate Series took place discussing the theme of slums and asking- are slum free cities achievable?

Bibi Van Der Zee, Editor of the The Guardian Global Development Professionals Network chaired the discussion and the panel consisted of Professor Julio D Dávila (UCL's Development Planning Unit), Amina Khan (Overseas Development Institute), Anna Walnycki (International Institute for Environment and Development) and Himanshu Parikh.

More details on the panelists can be found here.

Organized by the London International Development Centre and The Guardian Global Development Network this debate series aims to explore key issues in development, stimulate interesting discussions, and take an interdisciplinary approach to discussing global issues.

A full recording of the debate can be found here:

An audience of over 110 students, academics and development professionals took to Twitter to share their thoughts. See what they had to say below: