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Video: Talk by Stephen Twigg on UK Development Policy Post Brexit and Trump

On the 5th of December we were joined by Stephen Twigg, MP and Chair of the Parliamentary International Development Committee (IDC). His talk was entitled 'The Future of UK Development Policy Post Brexit and Trump' and incorporated topics of inequality and aid effectiveness that had come up when a panel of five LIDC student members met with him earlier in the year. Further details of this can be found on our website.

Stephen Twigg gave a comprehensive and engaging overview of development issues, especially in the context of recent political developments and the 'challenging times' ahead. He opened with the transition of the global agenda from the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) to the more recent and ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and what contribution the British Government will have in achieving these post-Brexit. Stephen Twigg highlighted the powerful principle of the SDGs: 'leaving no one behind'. He went on to discuss the importance of continuing to contribute to development aid through European institutions following Brexit and how the election of Donald Trump in the US presidential election has created 'considerable uncertainty' for the future of development cooperation.

The audience was eager to ask the MP questions. Debates were had on the accountability of the SDGs, the importance of ensuring that aid reaches the most marginalised groups in middle-income countries (MICs) rather than using development aid for trade and the importance of infrastructure in achieving sustainable progress. The debate ended with a member of the audience pointing to how crucial it is to recognise the work that developing countries are carrying out themselves to achieve progress.