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World Food Day

Set up by LIDC, the Global Panel is an independent group of influential experts with a commitment to tackling global challenges in food and nutrition security. The members are scientists, politicians, economists and experts on food systems.

For World Food Day, Panel member and former President of Ghana John Kufuor has written an article saying:

Food often brings us together—whether it is working to harvest crops, preparing traditional recipes or over joyous celebrations. While what we eat varies, food is constant across families and across national lines. It is a need we all share, yet something too many go without.

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This week the Panel has been at the Committee on World Food Security at the FAO in Rome to push for more recognition of nutrition by policy makers. Follow @Glo_pan on Twitter for more updates

The Global Panel has also recently launched their future looking Foresight Project, that aims at understanding what decisions do policymakers need to take in the coming decades to ensure that by 2035 food systems deliver high quality diets in low/middle income countries. Lawrence Haddad, Chair of the Lead Expert Group on the project, points out that policies, rather than individual choices, can help a big deal to shift from food systems to more nutrition friendly food systems.

This is a centre for research in agriculture and health, with a focus on international development goals, across London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), Royal Veterinary College (RVC).

For World Food Day one researcher has written a blog on the superpower cursed with a nutrition problem: India’s missed economic opportunity.

LCIRAH has a very successful and highly regarded annual international conference and has recently launched a worldwide network 'academy' for researchers working in the field as part of the Innovative Methods and Metrics for Agriculture and Nutrition Actions (IMMANA) sub-project.

Read this recent blog on the IMMANA website: Beyond ‘healthy’ – what are sustainable diets and how can we measure them?

Find out more on a new Innovative Food Systems Teaching and Learning programme in collaboration with other universities around the country, which is launching at an event on the 22nd October at the Royal Veterinary College.