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Bloomsbury PhD Symposium 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015 (All day)
Manson Lecture Theatre, LSHTM, Kepple Street
PhD students


  • First and second year students deliver a presentation (10 mins + 5 mins for questions)
  • Third and fourth year students give a poster
  • The best poster gets an award of £100
  • Session 4 offers an opportunity for reflection and discussion on the interdisciplinary student experience

The poster session and drinks provide an opportunity 


9.00 Arrivals & registration

9.15 Welcome - Prof. Andrew Tolmie, UCL-IOE

Presentation session 1 - chair: Prof. Judith Green, LSHTM

09.30 Harry Pickering LSHTM - Immunogenicity, Variability and Function of Novel Chlamydia trachomatis Antigens

09.45 Sarah McDonald RVC - Impact of Eimeria infection on Campylobacter colonisation of the chicken and enteric microbiome diversity.

10.00 Jennifer Pritchard BBK - Structural, functional and genetic studies of the proteins of the BkaR regulon of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

10.15 Jenifer Wing Yee Ho UCL-IOE - Language learning in online platforms: A multimodal study of English speakers learning Chinese.

10.30 Louise Wetheridge BBK - A mixed methods study investigating the associations between girls' schooling and early marriage in North West Nigeria.

10.45 Cheynne Gibbs SOAS - World Music in the British Secondary School

11.00 – 11.30 Coffee break

Presentation session 2 - chair: Prof. Stephen Frosh, Birkbeck

11.30 Siobhan Bearder RVC - The Sustainability of Aquaculture in the Face of Climate Change

11.45 Natascha Meunier RVC - Characterising mycobacterial infections at a wildlife-livestock interface in Uganda

12.00 Kavin Abelak RVC - Molecular Determinants for Fatty Acid Metabolism by Eicosanoid Metabolising Cytochrome P450 Enzymes

12.15 Christine Kelly LSHTM - School Absenteeism in Northern Malawi: Trends, Influences and the Impact of Highly Efficient Cooking Stoves

12.30 Hayley Smith LSHTM - Investigating Patient/ Service User Involvement in the Governance of Mental Health NHS Foundation Trusts.

12.45 - 14.00 Lunch and poster session

Poster competition judges: Prof. Fiona Cunningham, Prof. Richard Fardon, Prof. Judith Green, Prof. Andrew Tolmie, Prof. Jeff Waage & Prof. Stephen Frosh

Presentation session 3 - chair: Prof. Richard Fardon, SOAS

14.00 Oliver Pain BBK - The genetic basis of adolescent psychotic experiences.

14.15 Fatma Dalgakiran UCL - Age-dependent host factors and the site of gastrointestinal translocation in Escherichia coli K1 neonatal systemic infection.

14.30 Michael Denyer RVC - Missed not missing: Evidence for the existence of avian FoxP3

14.45 Lovleen Bhullar SOAS - Water Pollution in India and Constitutional Environmental Rights: Justiciability and Impact Analysis through the Lens of Three Supreme Court Decisions

15.00 Daisy Livingston SOAS - Archival Practices in the Medieval Arabic Lands

15.15 Session 4 – The experience of the Bloomsbury Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programme

Chair: Prof. Jeff Waage, LIDC

With Dr. Thomas Randall – Post-doc Kings College

15.45 Poster award ceremony and closing remarks

Chair: Prof. Judith Green, LSHTM

16.15 – 17.00 Drinks


Jane Ahn UCL-IOE Physical activity and mental health in children: findings from the Millennium Cohort Study

Ayden Saffari BBK Integration of multiple genomic datasets for the dissection of the biological basis of autism spectrum disorder

Luke Kelly BBK The Ideal Game: An analysis of how video games construct meaning when compared to literature and film.

Tierney Kinnison UCL-IOE Use of a case study design to investigate veterinary interprofessional working and learning. Two embedded case studies were conducted at typical veterinary practices.

Rachael Davies BBK Can we utilise behavioural data from at-risk infant siblings to predict clinical outcomes in autism?

Stefanie Dringus LSHTM Process and qualitative evaluation of a sport-based HIV prevention programme in South African high schools.

Nicola Pocock LSHTM - Trafficked fishermen’s health in the Mekong: understanding the role of first responders in human trafficking and welfare responses

Nikolaos-Dimitrios Georgakopoulos RVC - Targeting the Keap1-Nrf2 protein-protein interaction (PPI) as a novel pharmacological strategy to modulate cell mitophagy

Francesca Scotti BBK - Synthesis of Murein Peptide Ligase (Mpl) Substrates: a Potential Strategy to Combat Tuberculosis