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Health financing for universal coverage: what next after the World Health Report 2010?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 (All day)
Dr. David B Evans, Director, Department of Health Systems Financing, WHO
Chaired by: Prof. Anne Mills
The World Health Report of 2010 argued that the goal of health financing policy should be to move closer to, or maintain, universal coverage (UC).  UC from a health financing perspective was defined at the situation where all people are can access the health services they need without the risk of financial catastrophe associated with the need to pay on the spot.  The talk will discuss the evidence that all countries, even the poorest, could do more to raise funds domestically for health; and/or reduce reliance on out of pocket payments through prepayment and pooling; and/or get more efficient and equitable in the use of health resources as key instruments of financing policy.  WHO has developed an Action Plan for following up the recommendations of the Report to help countries review and implement changes to their health financing strategies, which will be outlined.  Finally, a number of important questions to which it was not possible to find answers when putting the Report together will be described, questions for which further research would be valuable.
Bio. David B. Evans, Director of the Department of Health Systems Financing in the Cluster on Health Systems and Services at WHO, has a PhD in economics and worked as an academic and consultant in Australia and Singapore before joining WHO in 1990.  His work has covered the social and economic aspects of tropical disease control, the assessment of health system performance and the generation, analysis and use of evidence for health policy.  More recently, his focus has been on the development of effective, efficient and equitable health financing systems, through technical support to countries, generation and use of evidence, capacity strengthening and partnership with other agencies and initiatives.  He has published widely in these areas, including lead authorship for the World Health Report 2010 on Health Systems Financing: the Path to Universal Coverage.  He is responsible for developing and implementing the WHO Action Plan to help countries implement health financing strategies to move closer to Universal Coverage.