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Valuing Volunteering: lecture, debate and networking

Thursday, October 22, 2015 - 17:30 to 20:30
RVC 4 Royal College St, Camden, London NW1 0TU
Katie Turner, VSO | Erika Lopez Franco, IDS | plus more tbc

The first major talk and networking opportunity of the new academic year.

LIDC invited VSO and IDS to present their research into Valuing Volunteering

‘Valuing Volunteering’ explores how and why volunteering contributes to poverty reduction and sustainable positive change, and the factors which prevent it from doing so. It looks at both the intended and unintended impacts of volunteering interventions. Whilst a wealth of research has explored how volunteering affects volunteers themselves; there has been very little research exploring how volunteering actually brings about change for communities on the ground. Valuing Volunteering seeks to address this gap.

We invited all LIDC members and people that want to find out more about what we do to come, engage in the talk, and stay around for a drinks networking event afterwards.

The new IFSTAL project (Innovative Food Systems Teaching and Learning) will be launching their programme simultaneously, and we are pleased to be joining forces with them for an even richer networking event afterwards.

For further reading on volunteering, IDS is running a series of blogs