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Bursaries Available for Evaluation Short Course

Two types of funding is available for people wanting assistance to attend the Evaluation for Development Programmes short course:


This year, LIDC is offering two bursaries to current LIDC staff and students members to cover the cost of the short course fees (£1,500). One bursary will go to a staff member and one to a student member. The two bursary holders will be selected by the short course teaching committee who will take into consideration the balance of bursaries given across the Member Colleges, as well as the statement submitted with the application stating how the course would add value to the candidate's future work. 


3ie: International Initiative for Impact Evaluation is offering two bursaries for applicants from low and middle income countries. The bursaries will cover the short course fees in full, economy airline tickets, breakfast and lunch, and accommodation for the duration of the course. All other costs, including dinner and visa application fees are the responsibility of the applicant or their employer. 

To be eligible for a 3ie bursary, applicants must be nationals of, and residing in, a low or middle income country, employed by a local agency or organisation (i.e. not multilateral) and be actively engaged in the field of impact evaluations.

Following the award of a bursary, we will require proof of visa application submission before we will proceed with booking flights and accommodation.

For more information about the course, please visit this page