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Edoardo Masset from Institute of Development Studies to spend sabbatical at LIDC

Edoardo Masset, Research Fellow at Institute of Development Studies (IDS), will spend his sabbatical leave at LIDC, between May and July 2014.
Edoardo is an agricultural and development economist with over ten years of experience in international development and impact evaluation of development interventions. Among others, he developed the first short course in impact evaluation design at IDS and he is the principal investigator of the evaluation of the Northern Ghana Millennium Village project.

During his time at LIDC, he will be advancing his research on cost effectiveness methodologies, farm field schools and school feeding programmes. He will also play an active role in the life of LIDC, working with the Centre and its partners, such as 3ie - International Initiative for Impact Evaluation, and projects (Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition) on new initiatives in impact evaluation and evidence.

Edoardo said:
I am really excited to be here. During my time here I will work on further developing my impact evaluation courses and I will complete a few papers on agricultural development and nutrition. LIDC is the ideal environment for sharing ideas with colleagues and partners in my area of work.   

On 27 May 2014, Edoardo will be presenting at a 3ie-LIDC seminar ‘Does beneficiary farmer feedback improve project performance? An impact study of a participatory monitoring intervention in Mindanao, Philippines’.