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LIDC and Bloomsbury Colleges at the forefront of interdisciplinary HIV/AIDS research

Photo: People living with HIV/ AIDS world map (UNAIDS)

On 1 December the international community marks World AIDS Day. This year the theme is ‘Getting to zero’.

LIDC and its member colleges are actively working on HIV/AIDS research across social and natural science disciplines, contributing to the global effort in ‘getting to zero’ (zero new infections, zero AIDS-related deaths).

This year one of LIDC Fellowship grants was awarded to an interdisciplinary team from Birkbeck, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and SOAS, University of London, for a project looking at transitions to injecting drugs and HIV risk in Kenya.
Listen to a podcast interview with two researchers involved in the project, Dr. Andy Guise from LSHTM and Margarita Dimova from SOAS.
You can also find out more about the project on Andy’s blog.

HIV/AIDS research across Bloomsbury Colleges
Bloomsbury Colleges have a strong record of collaborating on interdisciplinary projects in HIV/AIDS.
Dr. Catherine Dodds from LSHTM and Prof. Matthew Weait from Birkbeck have recently produced a report ‘Keeping Confidence: HIV and the criminal law from service provider perspectives’.

Starting in October 2013, aspects of HIV/AIDS can be studied as part of a new interdisciplinary Master’s degree in One Health jointly run by the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) and LSHTM, and coordinated by LIDC.

Cross-college collaborations also take the form of joint supervision of PhD students:

Lucy Stackpool-Moore - 'Narratives of Human Rights: Universal concepts brought into focus through lenses of life stories', supervised by Prof. Matthew Weait of Birkbeck and Dr. Mike Jennings of SOAS;

Kevin Deane – ‘A Socio-economic Analysis of HIV: Exploring the relationship between population mobility and HIV risk in Tanzania’, supervised by Dr. Deborah Johnston of SOAS and Dr. Justin Parkhurst of LSHTM;

Stefanie Dringus – ‘Process and qualitative evaluation of a sport-based HIV prevention programme in South African high schools’, supervised by Prof. David Ross of LSHTM and Dr. Ian Warwick from the Institute of Education (IOE);

Catherine Moleni – ‘Strengthening open, distance and flexible learning (ODFL) systems to increase education access and attainment for young people in high HIV prevalence areas in Malawi’, supervised by Prof. Pat Pridmore from IOE and Prof. Sharon Huttly of LSHTM.

Resources on HIV/AIDS from LIDC and Bloomsbury Colleges

Upcoming HIV/ AIDS events at Bloomsbury Colleges