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LSHTM paper highlights coverage gaps and inequalities in maternal health

The Maternal Healthcare Markets Evaluation Team at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have conducted an analysis which highlights the need for global maternal health policy makers to understand the role of both the public and private sectors in providing services. 

The analysis shows the extent of coverage gaps and health equity by service across the public and private sectors across 57 low and middle-income countries, crucially highlighting that for delivery care both public and private sectors favour the richest. The data also highlights the extent to which policy makers will need to understand the scale of private sector, which makes up on average 40% of the total maternal healthcare market, as they aim to achieve SDG3 (universal health coverage) by 2030.

This latest research by MET was published as part of a series in the journal 'Tropical Medicine and International Health' and the  team have also produced an Infographic summarising the results of this crucial analysis of maternal health's market state which can be found here.

Further background information of the team's research can be found here

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