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New LSHTM Humanitarian Crises Group Website

The Public Health in Humanitarian Crisis Group is strongly involved in LSHTM's response to the refugee crisis in Europe. For more information on the actions taken by the group and on how to get involved, click here.

Several evidence review papers have recently been published: one in the International Journal of Public Health journal on injuries and rehabilitation, and in PLOS ONE on non-communicable diseases and WASH interventions, Those evidence reviews were funded by the Wellcome Trust and DFID. The full report is available on the ELRHA website here.

LSHTM Crises staff member Joshua Mendelsohn will now be based at Pace University in New York City. Josh will continue on as Module Organizer for the DL Conflict & Health module at LSHTM. He will be developing research collaborations on global health, HIV and crises research. For those interested, please get in touch with Josh (Joshua.Mendelsohn@LSHTM.ac.uk).

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