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SOAS alumni leads a project to raise awareness of humanitarian issues in schools

SOAS alumni Emma Saville is managing an exciting new digital-cultural project aimed at raising awareness of humanitarian issues in schools.

Why Comics? uses interactive educational ethnographic literary comics to engage, inspire, and raise awareness of global humanitarian issues in schools. Social issues such as migration, conflict, climate change trafficking and refugees are explored by teachers and students through the powerful and digestabel comic medium in order to humanise the statistics surrounding these issues heard daily in the news.

The project is a part of the company PositiveNegatives, run by new senior fellow of the SOAS Department of Development Studies Ben Dix, which uses ethnographic research and illustration to produce literary comics about global social issues.

Why Comics? is currently being pilot tested in over 170 schools across 26 countries and aims to:

-Raise awareness of humanitarian issues in classrooms 

-Allow pupils to engage with the topics on a very personal level

-Engage and inspire teachers and pupils

-Humanise the mass statistics heard on the news and contextualise humanitarian issues (such as migration, smuggling, refugees, conflict and life choices), creating talking points for wider issues

-Make young people become more aware of the world, more thoughtful, and more empathetic

To find out more about the inspiring work of Why Comics? see website here or contact comics@positivenegatives.org.