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SOAS Anthropology of Food graduate tackles food waste in new recipe book

Anna Colquhoun, SOAS University of London alumna and now part-time PhD student, has launched a new recipe book, The Gift of Waste, in conjunction with charity Hubbub and the North London Waste Authority. 

The Gift of Waste aims to address food waste in the UK as the average UK family throws away £60 worth of food each month. The collection of recipes and stories brings together knowledge and skills from 10 North London kitchens and introduces a range of techniques for preserving food.

Anna, who graduated with an MA in the Anthropology of Food in 2015, hopes the book will change cooking practices: “Waste reduction strategies depend on circumstances and preferences. One day taking a little extra time to use up scraps in a stock could be the answer, another it could be simply remembering to look in the fridge before going shopping. At another stage of life, having a week’s worth of frozen suppers in stock might make better sense, or learning how to pickle. Meat-lovers might explore cooking with under-used cuts and bones; veg-heads could experiment with parts usually discarded. This book contains tips for all of this and more.”