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Thinking Beyond Sectors for Sustainable Development: LIDC and UCL join forces to inform post-2015 goal setting

A new collaboration between LIDC and University College London (UCL) will explore interactions between different areas of post-Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) goal setting. A cross-disciplinary group of researchers from six institutions across London will work together to examine ways of shaping the goal-setting process through adopting a cross-sectoral approach in order to create positive synergies for development.

Recent discussions on future sustainable development goals post 2015 have revealed a number of challenges. In particular, there is a need to understand how the different goals interact, and what consequences they will bring for broader development outcomes.

In order to gain a better understanding of these complex interactions, LIDC and UCL have brought together a cross-disciplinary expert group for each area of goal setting: agriculture and food; biodiversity and ecosystems; climate and climate change; education, information and knowledge; health; cities; and energy. The expert groups will summarise progress in these areas and provide a commentary on how targets are likely to be affected by global trends. They will also examine ways in which targets might affect other areas of goal setting and development outcomes.

The team includes experts from UCL and Bloomsbury Colleges:  Birkbeck, Institute of Education (IOE), London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), SOAS, and the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), brought together by LIDC and drawing on its extensive experience in interdisciplinary, policy-relevant research.
The result will be a unique cross-disciplinary publication and a series of policy briefs that will provide a useful tool to direct policy-makers in making future development goals a reality.


This project is a continuation of LIDC’s long engagement in the MDG process. In 2010, LIDC led a group of researchers from Bloomsbury Colleges to produce a report published by the Lancet ‘The Millennium Development Goals: a cross-sectoral analysis and principles for goal setting after 2015’.