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TOPIC GUIDE: Education, Climate and Environment

A new publication by Dr. Nicole Blum, from the UCL Institute of Education, on Education, Climate and Environment. The paper is a ‘Topic Guide’, funded by DFID, and aimed at development professionals working on issues related to environmental management, climate change and education.

It sets out the important two-way relationship between these key areas, including:

· The risks and opportunities posed by environmental and climatic factors on educational supply and demand at all levels (primary, secondary, tertiary) and modes (formal and informal).
· The role education and educational infrastructure can play in building the resilience of communities (particularly poor and vulnerable population groups) to climate and environmental change, and the potential opportunities provided by low carbon technology and environmentally-sensitive construction and design in that process.

It draws together existing research on these areas and also makes recommendations about how climate resilience can be encouraged within education systems, infrastructure, and teaching and learning.

Read more and download the paper here